Friday, July 23, 2010

One Short Row And A Thin Sliver

Back at Outside Clyde I have been staying busy despite a full week of pain in my lower back and left hip. I finally gave in and made an appointment with the chiropractor. Rural poverty can slow things down.

That busy does not necessarily involve work on the cozy cabin though. When I last stopped tiling there was only one row and a thin sliver left to reach the shower pan and have this phase of the tile floor project complete. The next phase is the grout.

That thin sliver got me thinking. I mucked around with the idea for a couple of days and it just kept getting more complicated.

Forget it. Keep it simple stupid.

The glass block and supplies for the shower wall were picked up today. The white field tile and decorative 1 x 1 glass tile for the shower interior are here and waiting. I keep at it.

There has been increasing happy talk from certain quarters that the cabin won't be finished in time and I will have to spend another winter in the resident gardeners house. "Just think you will be able to work all winter on things and have it done by spring."

These gardening chores that need doing keep being invented, deliberately I think to prevent me from working on the cabin. It sure was nice to arrive to the low spot on a North Carolina mountain top and have the ridge top garden spic and span, the hanging gardens of Betsy's Gap planted and blooming, the vegetable garden producing greens and ready to burst in to life and all that was needed was for the bottle of wine to be opened.

My fate may be sealed.


Anonymous said...

Nice try, parents; but you don't want to be down there with the mouse and the frozen/leaky pipes again! (: Time for your own home. Hope the back pain feels better; that's not good for gardeners or construction people.


Jeff Branch said...

I know what you mean about gardening getting in the way of chores. I have a woodworking project that I just can't seem to get interested in, but this heat we are having is making it look more fun. Good luck finishing everything.

Kitty said...

It's nice that you are so welcome, though. Sharing a roof with my mother, again, would be catastrophic to the good relationship we have.

And I completely get the satisfaction of coming home to everything in order. It took me 25 years to find the right place to come home to.

Siria said...

Cheers! And I sure hope the chiro helps you out. I am prone to low back pain and pain down my left leg and it is no fun. I still think you can get it done before winter. It is only mid summer ~

How did the sprucing up project go?

Phrago said...

Chris, Having suffered back pain all my life, now with the added joy of a bad knee and hip, May I suggest an over the counter pain killer that really nails it: Allieve. Take 2 pills in the morning and have awhole day without pain. Just a suggestion...

chuck b. said...

I hope your back and hip feel better soon. I'm pretty sure my back will be my downfall one day. And probably one of my knees too.

I'm not sure how much more work you have to do, but if you can get the cabin habitable by winter you can always work on it while you're living in it. Still, it's nice to have a fall back position so you don't have to rush all summer.

Lola said...

I sure hope your situation improves greatly. I totally understand it.
Surgery for left knee will be 8-12. Sure hope all goes well.
Take care & be careful how you move.
I would like to be in my own place before winter, even having little jobs to finish.