Friday, July 16, 2010

See What I Mean

There is fear, fear of bold color. We went with safe, safe elegance, one could hope.

These are the colors for the interior of the cozy cabin that were chosen before heading off to the color wonderland of Buffalo. They flow. They work with all the stained wood, floor tile, kitchen countertop and shower tile components.

The two colors on the left are the remaining choices. The main living room and kitchen will be the same color. Which one? The yellow on the right is the bathroom wall color choice. I did a swatch in the living room just to see it. Just in case.


I think I can do the yellow in the bathroom without a problem.

Now I must look at these while I finish the tile floor and grout it. Maybe one of the two choices for the main living area will grow on me.


The far left choice is a deep smoky green. The middle color is a brown of sorts with a hint of yellow. Which one will it be? I just might need to fish out the "Plan C" color if one of these doesn't win out.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice safe colors. Maybe you should go with a hue lighter. Then don't forget your accessories. Don't forget all that color in Buffalo was outside. Be sure to choose something you can live in.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, you need to paint a sample on separate walls so the colors aren't right next to each other. That may give you a better idea of which is best.

Anonymous said...

It can get dark and grey during your winters. Go bold and bright - at least just one accent wall!?! Best,

Anonymous said...

Lighter, much lighter of the middle one is my not so humble opinion, Christopher. Maybe mix them then add white or cream?

Nancy said...

I agree, the one in the middle, lighter! And wonderful accessories, with bold and bright color.

Lola said...

I agree with fairgarden. It won't be so sunny in the winter.

Anonymous said...

Definitely lighter, Robin