Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In The Rain

It's rain not snow and somehow that just feels wrong at this time of year. But what do I know? I have only been here going on five winters now. That's not long enough to know real winter patterns in these parts. I certainly can't expect them to be exactly the same every year. Better rain right now anyway.

Rain or snow I linger inside looking out my windows. I need to burn that brush pile.

I heard noises and looked outside. The resident turkeys were making a fluffing attempt to dry off during a brief respite in the rain. I see or hear them most every day. I am on their regular pecking route.

Well it's not raining. Maybe I can get a better picture of the turkeys and check the mail. No mail. No more turkeys. They disappeared over the crest of the hill.

Instead a picture of the amber waves of the front roadside bed will have to do for this brief excursion in the rain.

That was quite an adventure.


Lola said...

Wow, turkeys. That's nice. It is a great feeling to take a walk after it's stopped raining for a spell. Things all washed & clean for that special view. Glad no snow for now.

Anonymous said...

Have you always had turkeys come around or is this something new?

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful picture and should be massed produced print.