Monday, December 12, 2011

Is It Interesting Yet?

It is more than a few years away before my attempts at winter interest in the garden to be gain some size and substance. In the mean time I have to go looking for small vignettes that hint of things to come.

The evergreen conifers are hiding in this tableau, but they are in there. Next spring I'll be adding another pfitzer type juniper to this bed. I may need a bunch more of this Yucca filamentosa for all over the sunnier locations in the garden to be as a unifying element. It has grown quite well and the striking contrast with the conifers will be nice. More. I need more winter interest.

Though brown, the grasses add a strong structural element to the winter garden. At least until they are pummeled into submission by repeated snows.

There is a lot of empty space to fill in the garden to be. Looking at the big picture now it is rather sparse with only tiny little specks of evergreen. But the tiny little specks will grow. Size and substance will take form. A garden with winter interest is being born.


Anonymous said...

That word "more" sounds mighty familiar.

Lola said...

More is the answer. Love that winter interest.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Winter interest is a must have. I need more tall winter interest.