Monday, October 10, 2016

According To The Chainsaw

There were no logging activities yesterday. I tried for an hour and a half, new spark plug, yada, yada, yada and the chainsaw would not start. It wouldn't even try to start. I finally screamed and gave up.

Instead I went for a nice calming trash pick up walk along the scenic byway. I had a nice visit with a group of bicyclists and got one of the biggest bags of garbage I have collected in a long time. That drought must have made people extra thirsty.

The end is near. Forty degree mornings and bees that don't buzz are a clear signal.

Maybe this bumblebee was just waking up. It was ever so slowly crawling around this one flower. I took a picture and let it be.

Fall, drought or some combination.

It is the end of the time of vegetation. The blue asters are the final hurrah, the last to bloom. Next up is the colorful life of fading foliage.


Jan O said...

Your asters and goldenrod and everything have been lovely. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful wild (and planned) land! Now wherever I go, I see asters and know what I'm enjoying. I planted a few native plants o keep the coneflowers company, and will try to get some seeds in as well. Also, I'm planting a couple of sumac for cover. I'm so excited to have more habitat for the buzzers and singers. Your site has been such a healing diversion, while trying to navigate the insanity of this election season.

Swimray said...

Yes, let it bee. Bees are lethargic around here too, and have no sound. But they are still working. Frost is near. Like the bees, much to do in the garden.

Sallysmom said...

Not one aster anywhere here this year. I guess it was due to our 2 extended dry periods. Not even any of the wild ones on the road side. Sad, sad.