Monday, October 24, 2016

The Sisters Are Here

And so are some fall blooming crocus. They have a bit of trouble with the still standing Lush, the bulbs not the Sisters. It is hard for small things to stand out in all that fading vegetation.

I probably don't have to worry about the grasses getting freeze dried before an early heavy snow can crush them this year. The drought has started that process already.

There was a blessed bit of rain with the cold front that came through on Friday. Not much. Again it was only enough to take the edge off. The drought continues.

Autumn moves along. The week ahead is scheduled to be sunny, dry and cool, perfect weather for the Sisters visit. Perhaps it will begin to rain when they leave

A nice sumac I saw in my travels for work. They really do have great fall color. I've been wanting to try the Staghorn Sumac, Rhus typhina.

See. There was some rain. And wind. And the leaves came tumbling down.

Plenty leaves left though. I am always a bit shocked every fall by the massive quantities of leaves that spend the summer up there in the trees. Here I can ignore them. In a client's proper garden that is another matter.

The Yellie Mum blooms while the leaves turn and I spend quality time visiting with the Sisters.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are going to be lonesome up on that mountain when everyone departs.

C. C. said...

What's the story on the chimney, do you know? I'm always fascinated finding a lone, standing chimney in the mtns. It's like a former home's very tall gravestone.

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Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the first few days alone are a bit sad and unsettling. We (me and the kitties) adjust.

CC the chimney was attached to a small one room cabin that I was told was used as a place to stay when they brought the cattle up to pasture in the summer. They stayed to hand grub the pastures and watch the cows.