Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Let There Be Color

Fall is here and the Smooth Sumac has passed its final test with flying colors. First it turned out to be male and does not have the nice red seed cones. Bummer. Then it immediately began to sucker like mad. Bad. A vicious hail storm last year shredded the leaves and it didn't have a chance to make much fall color. Sadness.

This year it kept spreading. While it has a nice enough textural contrast with the Lush foliage wise, I wasn't sure that would be enough to make up for the rampant suckering. Excellent fall color was the only thing that would save it from eviction.

It stays. I will just have to yank the unwanted stems.

We may be at peak fall color on the little section of mountain I call home. A good part of it is a north facing slope and it turns before the surrounding slopes. When I look north to a south west facing slope it is mostly still green. The mountains are coloring up, but there is plenty left to turn.

Above Hale Mana

Is a kaleidoscope of color.

I go stand by the mystery melon patches and look up. It is a sight to behold.