Thursday, October 6, 2016

In The Time Of Blue Asters

It is dry, very, very dry. It is so dry the twenty foot plus long crack in the garden is getting wider and deeper. A small animal could hide in there.

The blue asters bloom on, the asters that are not brown toast anyway.

The plan for this bed was a low mounding lawn of sedges. You can see how that went. Blue asters and Boneset moved in and I did not have the heart to evict them.

There are blue asters everywhere you turn. There are so many blue asters even a dozen or more cows could not eat them all in two days of trying in the ridge top garden. They did however make a major dent in their numbers.

In the time of blue asters, I walk slowly in a world of ethereal blue.

They are returning to a meadow that was once buried in clematis.

Edit and they will come. So will plenty white ones.

So I tell myself fog is a prelude to rain. I heard it dripping from the trees this morning. I had to stop and pay attention. What is that sound?

There is a chance tomorrow. I'm not sure if it is hurricane related or cold front related and I don't care. It is wicked dry out there. Please give me rain.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you don't get blown off the mountain this weekend. I do hope you get the much needed rain.

Unknown said...

Christopher, I have been following your blog for a few years now.....I cannot remember seeing your autumn array of Asters being this full and beautiful. Maybe my old brain is failing me.....but this is your most amazing crop of blue asters ever! Perhaps because of the drought??

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa we now have drizzle. I hope it turns to rain. The wind forecast isn't even up to a typical winter front.

Dana there have always been a lot of asters. There are more now due to editing. It definitely is not drought related since many of them have dropped dead from lack of water.