Sunday, December 10, 2017

Snow Days 2 + 3

I have not had this many days off inside since I don't know when.

It feels odd and good and needed.

There has been some activity, even progress.

My house does not feel so much like a rat's nest anymore.

It is still a bit cluttered. I will have to settle for the comfy den look.

Last night a strong pulse of cold air washed in bringing more snow.

I watched it roll in at dusk. It was every bit a relentless tsunami of cold air, quite separate and distinct from the main snow event.

The sun came out and the wind calmed on day three.

It was still another snow day. This was the largest single snow fall in two years and it didn't just happen to me up high on the low spot. It happened all over. Nobody's garden was going to get tended. I don't think that can even happen tomorrow.

Inside the house is cleaner. The collectibles in the parking lot need to be shuffled about next. How much will end up in the back of a truck to be set free is the question.

It was a big snow. Big snows have more snow days.

And the Under Garden disappeared. Until things return my life will be confined to cold pond scum.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good you are getting a good rest. I love snow days. Looking forward to having a few this winter too.

C. C. said...

How lovely. Esp. the bicycle and the chimney.