Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Peak Bulb In Hiding

What you are about to see is the sunny utility meadow. It is the utility easement and main foot path between our two driveways. I saw bulbs blooming when I drove by and decided I needed to walk over there for a look.

Much to my surprise the daffodils were unsquashed and in peak bloom.

Daffodil density is lower in the sunny utility meadow, fewer bulbs per square foot. No matter, they were looking good. So wander.

I've been having a little trouble going inside on these warm sunny spring evenings.

I get there eventually.


Gypsy said...

Good Evening Christopher: I just came in from my garden stroll and it was so peaceful. So different from a morning walk isn’t it? One begins the day with energy; the end is more reflective and conducive to winding down. Both different, both enjoyable. So, here’s a few questions for you. Does your phlox ground cover attract butterflies at your elevation? And, did you buy or consider buying yourself a new plant given that you’re a Spring baby? Being born near the Spring Equinox allows for that indulgence doesn’t it. Wishing you restful respite between hard working days, Gypsy

Christopher C. NC said...

I saw my first two butterflies this week Gypsy. One was on the phlox. Mostly the phlox is done blooming before the butterflies really come out. It gets pollinated by somethings and self sows well though. I bought myself two new plants a few weeks ago and found the third for the set today. I even added in a new powder coated metal garden bench.

beverly said...

That utility meadow looks like prime bulb growing territory! But who mows it; and would the bulb foliage have time to mature. Yes, loving spring here on the coastal plain also! We deserve a good spring after the past year, phew! Question: do you remove any of the fallen leaves at Bulbarella's or will the minor bulbs emerge through them? I am in a quandary with an area which has tons of leaves - daffodils ( hundreds left over from someone eons ago) do fine but not sure about smaller bulbs. Thanks.

Christopher C. NC said...

Beverly nothing I do here would qualify as removing the leaves, so yes the minor bulbs come up through the leaves as fallen along with the chop and drop of the previous year's meadow growth. I suppose if the wind was to create a deep and thick leaf drift with the right tree -oak most likely, the minor bulbs would struggle to get through a thick layer of leaves. That is not a problem here. I maintain the sunny utility meadow. It gets an annual chop down like the rest of the wild cultivated gardens right before the bulbs wake up. It is a no spray zone for the utility company, but they had a little accident this spring before somebody cried stop. I chose to remain silent. This time.