Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Bluebells On A Different Day

The Bluebells like the daffodils and minor bulbs that came before are having an exceptional showing this year. It's nice when that happens.

The small population of Phacelia bipinnatifida is even showing better than usual. You have to look because it can get lost in all the bluebells.

I went for a walk on a cool sunny evening.

Adrift in an ocean of bluebells.

Some primrose joined in.

Just beyond the edge of the wild cultivated gardens masses of trilliums were in bloom.

This week it is all about a rather spectacular display of the ever so invasive bluebells.

Will the Lady don her slippers this year? Last year they got eaten. This year we have three stems and a dash of cayenne preventative.

And evermore bluebells.

There is a white phacelia that blooms well before the blue Phacelia purshii. It is now species unknown because someone from Holland googled P. fimbriata and emailed asking for seed. A closer inspection made me speak up before getting their hopes up and sending the wrong seed.

High on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top

Literally covered in bluebells.


Gypsy said...

Hi Christopher: Your forest floor sure is prolific. Rain here the last couple of days, yay. It always amazes me that we can have such a wet winter/early spring in the Piedmont area, and in no time at all, the moisture gets sucked up right out of the ground. Saw my Acanthus Summer Beauty has this big ole flower spike jutting out of the leaves. Happy about that and happy that my 90 year old Moms is coming for a sleepover for Mother's Day weekend. Hope you and Bulbarella have a lovely holiday weekend, too. Warm regards, Gypsy

SCFan said...

As I’m sure you already know, Christopher , you have creates
A virtual fairyland in your gardens. Will check on the Lorelia tomorrow again . Not holding out much hope but I appreciate your gift

Christopher C. NC said...

Gypsy tomorrow for Mother's Day I will be planting her tomatoes. She loves her tomatoes. I wish I could grow Acanthus up here.

Cynthia hopefully Lorelei is still alive and will bloom next year after it settles in. I have not seen a single iris bud yet this year. Of course they all got froze in a late freeze. If Lorelei won't bloom, the Louisiana iris will definitely grow and bloom for you. There are days when the accidental fairyland of this garden cannot be denied.