Sunday, November 28, 2021

Chop Chop

Early this morning.

Later in the day.

There was no snow assist forthcoming and I was ready for the Under Garden to come out. For all practical purposes, the barren time of winter is here.

In that short window of as warm as it is going to get, I got chopping. Chop. Chop. A new garden for winter is born. Looking good all things considered.

It grows more visible from afar by the year.

The roadside vegetable garden got tidied a couple of days ago. There are still root crops (parsnips, carrot and potato) to harvest when wanted.

Not to worry. I didn't cut it all down. There are acres of freeze dried meadow left to catch the winter light. And I am lazy. Let the snow smash it all down. I'll deal with the remnants next year.

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