Thursday, September 22, 2022

It Is Her Time

His name was Dr. Keith Reason. He was Ted Cruz's doppelganger. Life is the Twilight Zone. He said it is Miss Collars time to go. Her abdomen is filled with fluid and all the possibilities for that are fatal. I can do it now, he said.

I brought her back home for? It is time for Miss Collar to go.

For one more day of fresh mountain air. I'm not ready just yet it seems. I need to prepare. Collar appears content enough. The blue asters are just starting to bloom.

Everything has its time. The voodoo lilies tumble down as the days turn short. Just to the right are two new Paw Paw trees I accidently purchased. They will be planted along the edges of the future Turnip Fields next door.

The blue asters are starting to bloom. That is when, fourteen years ago, a mama cat and two kittens wandered out of the forest and into my life. It took a few months to get Collar's baby picture. She was a wild thing. Of the three, she is the one who stayed the longest.


Barbara H. said...

It's tough - don't want to rush it but don't want to wait too long, either. It's so hard to know when. My oldest has had what may be a kidney infection - 2 rounds of an antibiotic and then a round of stronger one. Giving a daily dose of probiotic for a month to see what happens - evidently sometimes that works. She seems okay but that can change. So sorry about Miss Collar - hope you find the best way through this. It's just not easy.

Cheryl K. said...

I was sad to read your post yesterday about Collar and was afraid the update could be like this. My sister's cat had a similar condition and partial diagnosis (whatever it was, the treatment at best could only give her perhaps a few months - and they would be difficult). We brought her back home where she didn't eat much - but every now and then she would show up for a meal and eat a bit. She lived several more weeks because she still enjoyed being petted during that time -- so my sister was not ready to give her up. This is a very difficult time - we just have to remember the joy they gave. I'm so sorry. Cheryl

C. C. said...

I'm so sorry.

Christopher C. NC said...

Miss Collar and I have our next appointment Sunday afternoon. I can dig her grave that morning and have the evening to lay her down. It is time. Collar had a very good life. She was loved and had all the varmints she could catch.

beverly said...

So sorry. It is just as hard to lose pets as it is people, I believe. Their love is so pure. Steel yourself and know that she does not know and you are doing your duty. My 2 dogs are 8 now and I am already dreading.

Jane said...

So sorry to hear about Miss Collar. Pets are the extra joy our lives provide.
Sending you gentle hugs for your task to come.