Sunday, January 22, 2023

Along The Scenic Driveway

After several years of feeding the idea out to the heavens, the universe aligned and produced a new and improved driveway down the hill to the cozy cabin. Here it is while in process.

Two water bars were added to direct torrential rains off the driveway before they could turn into gulley washing rivers. I had seen a lot of variations of this concept online and how to make them. My road fixer suggested sections of guardrail that I had not seen online. This was a simple and brilliant solution. It will be interesting to see how they work and stand up over time.

The driveway was tilted and the stream side of the driveway was shaved lower, all to direct water away from the house and parking lot. Two of my blooming Witch Hazels ended up on a small island. I was quite adamant that those were staying put and were not to be dinged by heavy machines.

It was a nice, mostly sunny day for fixing a driveway.

'Jelena' was in full bloom, minus the flowers the deer have been eating. Damn varmints!

Tomorrow I will wake up to the return of snow.


beverly said...

After years of looking, I found a nice sized and affordable Jelena this year at Garden Treasures near Raleigh in your state - it's beautiful! Didn't know about the deer though, hmmm... and the guardrail idea is wonderful! Keep us posted how it works.

Christopher C. NC said...

Beverly, fortunately the deer did not discover the witch hazels until they were tall enough to have a lower browse line. Still, it is annoying. First hard rain I will be out there seeing how the guard rail water bars work. What I like about them is they have no breakable or moving parts that will need maintenance. Cleaning them as needed will be easy.

beverly said...

Well Christopher the global deer memo went out - I went out yesterday and they had eaten every flower on my 3 blooming witch hazels. First year ever. You can bet I got out there the same day with the spray on the 2 that are still in bud! I will know better next winter; thanks for the tip.

Christopher C. NC said...

Aargh!! Not only do they eat the flowers, but they eat the branch tips and the witch hazels seem slow to sprout fresh side buds from that. There are days when I am tempted to get a gun. I did read an article a few weeks back that said cougars have started to repopulate the east coast. That would help.