Monday, March 28, 2011

Daffodils In Fog

A visitor bearing gifts and home made baked goods - my life is truly blessed at times - came to see the Bulbapaloozathon in person today. The fog has been near non stop and the visitors see a hillside of daffodils in an other worldly setting.

Cold mist enveloped Siria and me as we slowly wandered the ridge top garden looking at daffodils, minor bulbs and all the other inhabitants of a bountiful garden waking up from their winter slumber.

The fog doesn't want to leave.

Only briefly has it parted to show the blue sky above before rolling back over the mountain and hugging the garden in a cold and wet embrace. Up here in the clouds it is another world.

The last three Levolor oak blinds were hung. One more project complete.

A trucking company called very early this morning to say the loft ladder had arrived in Asheville and to ask how do I get to you? After I told him, the question was how big of a truck can I get up there.

Well just last week the DOT put up a new sign - No through trucks over 30 feet.

My trucks is 48 feet. I'll need to get it on a smaller truck and deliver it in the next day or two.

That will be fine.

A loft ladder is soon to be installed and the construction ladder parked in the cozy cabin's living room will soon be a thing of the past.

Daffodils bloom chilled in the fog.

White Muscari joins in.

Forsythia glows golden in a white and dark world.

This is how spring should be, cool to cold, moist and lingering, a time for magnolias to bloom with out getting zapped by a hard frost.

This doesn't mean it won't snow again so you must enjoy the Bulbapaloozathon while it's here.


Siria said...

Lucky me to get to see the bulbapaloozathon in person! Thank you for the wonderful tour ~ it was awesome! I think the fog added to the magic of the forest and garden, but I could have done without the cold. At least it didn't snow. I look forward to coming back to see the garden in a different season and to see your beautiful home with the new ladder in place.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria it is always a pleasure to share the garden and so glad you were able to see the daffodils this year. Thanks so much for the gifts and baked goods. I could have skipped dinner, but thought it a bad idea.

Lola said...

So glad of your visitor being able to see first hand your beauty. It does look fabulous even in the fog. Somehow that is an enhancement sometimes.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the fog can be nice and it can linger longer than it is welcome at times.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

CAn't wait to see the ladder up. I bet you can't either. Those clouds look ominous. When I see your collection of bulbs blooming it makes me want to get out there and plant more. I wish you would show a few of these pictures in fall to help me remember I should do this. On a much smaller scale of course. I don't have a mountain to manage but it feels like it sometimes.

Anonymous said...

So glad Siria could come and see your garden - and feed you, of course! (:
I too am looking forward to seeing that ladder. Can't believe how complete your new home looks - are you pinching yourself??!


Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa maybe in the fall I should do a bulb planting demonstration post with Bulbarella showing how she does it. Very lackadaisical trust me, but the results speak for themselves.

Bev what could be better than home made baked goods and taking a stroll through the garden with a friend. I will admit that once the blinds were all in I did stare in wonder for a bit. I may have to go fetch the ladder. They called and said their van is broke and they can't come up the mountain in a semi-truck. No biggie.