Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There Was Sun

One day of sun is being squeezed into a week of rain and the first rhododendron, a PJM type, always the first to bloom, has joined the swelling floral display.

The late blooming Jonquilla daffodils are blooming two weeks early too.

Sunshine and the anemones actually open.

The big drift of Puschkinia aims for peak bloom.

The Trout Lily even decides it is safe to open and get busy. I noticed while I was down there four times as many of them just pushing up through the ground.

I wasn't even sure that the flowering magnolia actually opened the flowers.

A little sunshine did the trick.

I wandered down into the most recent annex of the ridge top garden. I don't go there as often because it is still new and there isn't as much to see, but I saw things.

Bulbarella has been at it. A new kind of Chionodoxa has been added, most likely from last year's bulb order. The slope of the annex faces north and it has been slower to show signs of life. More visible green shoots drew me in.

Then I saw several clumps of a new kind of bulb mania. One hole is filled with daffodils, crocus, snow drops and puschkinia. I saw at least half a dozen clumps of bulbs like this. I had been wondering where she planted all the bulbs she bought and the bulbs she dug and divided. In the annex of course.

We may have reached the tipping point, a critical mass. In this patch of the ordinary chionodoxa were hundreds of seedling leaves. Continued multiplication can only move exponentially.

Throw in a methodical Bulbarella and the Bulbapaloozathon can only get better with time.


Lola said...

Oh those Rhodie's. They are starting to bloom. Early, eh!!!! lol
Bulbarella is spreading that beauty around. Bless her, the more the better. A new path will have to be made so to observe this new find. It will be a new stroll for you to take.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola this particular rhodo always blooms this early. The paths to the annex were put in last summer. That was part of me getting the area ready for Bulbarella to plant.

Lola said...

That is so nice to have another bloom to enjoy. That was so sweet of you to get things ready. It's gonna be another area for your com-mentors to enjoy thru pics.

Siria said...

What a difference a day makes! The blooms look so vibrant and cheerful...so lovely!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the annex will fill quickly. Already there are hosta, astilbe, iris, bulbs of all kinds, rhodos and oak leaf hydrangea.

Siria the fog and drizzle and rain came right back in Tuesday night and hasn't left.

Rich Rennicks said...

Nice trout lily! I planted some this year, but have not seen a peep yet. Probably have to wait a whole year for a bloom? Time will tell.