Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Very Complimentary Failure

I was priming my girder for a paint job when the building inspector mens arrived. Yikes. Two of them.

They poked. They prodded. They unscrewed things. "This place has turned out really nice."

"Does that mean I am not failing miserably?"

"No, it's pretty good."

"Now do this list of things and we will come back to check again."

One utility grounding bar screwed to the wall. Done. Check.

Two ground rods, not one, at least six feet apart on a continuous line. Done. Check. Why didn't you tell me that the first time you looked at this thing?

Bubble covers on the exterior plugs and switches. Two of three done. Half a check.

The exterior staircase needs to be closed in. What that means is any open space greater than four inches beneath the treads has to have a closing board so your foot will not slip through that space on icy steps. That's not much of a big deal. I can handle.

I failed on a short list of minor and mostly cosmetic it seems electrical upgrades. They didn't like the labeling in the breaker box. Kitchen, kitchen wasn't good enough. One needs to be labeled kitchen 20amp receptacle.

They seemed pretty cool with the engineers drawing for the loft ladder, but they really are supposed to see it installed. We have to come back anyway so write that down too.

Overall it went very well and in my mind I have moved on.

While waiting for it to get warm enough to paint and for the inspector mens to arrive, I chopped and dropped my sunny utility meadow and contemplated the stone earth work that should take shape in this section of it this year. I want to think about art and beauty now.

I couldn't have post with just boring construction pictures and a sad story of rejection. A nice garden stroll at the end of the day is good for what ever may ail you.

Iris reticulata 'Harmony' opens on a beautiful day. According to the astute Sallysmom that was my previous ID.

The first daffodil of the year is here. Now this daffodil concerns me. I am near certain it is the annual WUD, the World's Ugliest Daffodil. This year it has a single cup. Last year the cup was frilly and fully double. In the past the cup has been so deformed it was hideous. It is a real phase shifter and it has never bloomed this early. What is going on?

Crocus gather steam in a sporadic and possibly self seeded sweep intermingled with the rising daffodils.

Bigger clumps of crocus get ready to bloom. While kneeling in for the closeup I noticed this clump was surrounded by dozens of much tinier crocus sprouts well away from the main group. They can be identified by the white stripe in the mid vein. Obviously they are setting seed.

It could be my imagination, but it seems like there should be more daffodils. I remember there being more. But this warm is doing odd things I think. There may still be thousands more in hiding, not trusting these sunny days and frozen mornings.

The loft ladder will ship around the 16th. A week to ten days later it should arrive from California. I told the inspector mens not to expect to hear from me for a month.

"Not a problem. Just call when you're ready. You haven't ever been in a hurry with this."

"No I haven't. I'm not like most people y'all are probably used to. I wasn't planning to move in really until the second week of April."

"Then there's plenty of time."

Yes, plenty of time.


Cheryl K. said...

You really did do well with that inspection-- Congratulations, you're just about there!

Jeanine Davis said...

Amazing progress that you've made. Congratulations!

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I would say a congratulations is in order here! I agree with your comment on these ...why didn't they mention these things before? However, you now have plenty of time to finish these things before your ladder arrives. It is looking awesome ~ you must be so happy!!!

Lola said...

You have done well my friend. I knew it would be so. Minor things taken care of before you can count. It all looks wonderful. Sometimes I think the inspectors think a person should know all things.
I know you are happy & somewhat relieved.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think those Inspector Mens are Picky picky picky. But I guess that is their job. They probably just want an excuse to come back and look at your fancy ladder. It won't be long now. I have been seeing those fancy little iris all over the blogasphere. I will have to get some. They are so cute.

Christopher C. NC said...

I was mentally prepared to fail, so overall I was very pleased with such minor details to fix to make them happy. They really were most pleasant and helpful. I think they finally realized this guy is not our typical building contractor and is trying his best to do right. That changed their approach to me.

And I am sure my attitude of - yes sir, I will fix what ever you want sir, no arguments - may have helped over time.

In a month I will call again. My move in time is still on schedule. Like I ever had a schedule.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that WUD looks remarkably like Ice Follies. Hum, is it really the WUD or something else that has popped up?

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom the most definite WUD is an escapee on the other side of the fence. It should be open tomorrow. The 'Ice Follies' is the clump of daffodils closest to the WUD and what it always looks like. Last year's WUD is on the blog and I know it was way more double cupped. If my poor memory serves me. I'll google it.

Christopher C. NC said...

It took a while, but I found last year's WUD. Easter Sunday Stroll I also see 'Harmony' was blooming on March 31st. It is a full month earlier.

Here is the WUD 2009

Anonymous said...

Oh Christopher I was going to say congrats on your inspection but the WUD completely diverted me and I laughed out loud at last year's description 'one butt ugly daffodil.' Too funny! Maybe it was so ashamed of your scorn that it came up different this year!
Anyhow, great job on the inspection and yes, I think attitude and quality of work make a huge difference to these guys. I await moving day with pleasure, as I;m sure you do!


Benjamin Vogt said...

IT sure has come along! I wish I had 1/10th as many crocus as you have. I planted 600 bublbs two years ago and I think half died. Or went awol.