Saturday, October 20, 2012

Before Winter Arrives

While there is still some fall left there are a few chores that need doing before winter sets in.

The cozy cabin was indeed cozy my first winter living in it, but one strong cold spell did uncover a problem.

Is this Plan F now in my plumbing box? During the two winters when I wasn't living in the cozy cabin things froze and some water lines cracked. Those got repaired and a short section of heat tape was added. Last winter a few of the pipes froze for a day or so despite a heat tape inside the insulated box. At least there was no damage.

Once again I have taken the thing apart to add a much longer 30 foot heat tape to cover more of the water lines. The plumbing box is insulated but it is not a heated part of the cozy cabin. It needs to stay warmer so my pipes don't freeze.

I slithered around on my back for most of the day and almost got the plumbing box all put back together again. I'll finish it tomorrow. My next little project is to build a permanent insulated box around my hose bib with a door that can be opened so I can use it all year long.

The best news of this ordeal was that I found no signs of current mouse activity inside my insulated plumbing box. I had successfully sealed them out. Hallelujah! ........ Damn varmints!

There are still a couple more weeks of fall left. I think I made a list of chores for fall and winter. Now where did I put it?

I know I'll have to close down the house next door when I get back from taking Bulbarella to Florida for the winter. The kitties will be staying there while I am gone. They will have more elbow room there than in the cozy cabin.


Lola said...

Hopefully you won't have any problems with the Cozy Cabin this winter. Glad the varmint problem is not evident. You are funny about that.
When do you plan to take mom back to her winter home? Do be careful.

Anonymous said...

We used to leave an incandescent light bulb on in our water pump 'house' to provide some heat. I was always concerned about a fire hazard, but it did keep the pipes from freezing......


Cheryl Kotecki said...

Congratulations on the successful varmint seal-job - not easy!! Your accompanying photos are beautiful, it's always a nice break in my day to see what you've posted.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola we will be headed to Florida at the end of the first week of November.

Bev these heat tapes come with all kinds of rules to follow which I have had to ignore. I am relying on their temperature range of 38 degrees on, 45 degrees off, to not cause a fire.

Cheryl they are sealed out for now. Damn varmints are always trying to chew their way back in.