Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Do not use the top of a mountain for your horizon line. The cozy cabin really is not about to fall over. Fall is coming to the mountain though.

Two little sprigs of the Yellie Mum have turned into this in just two years. The cozy cabin looks a bit more level, but the Cleome are still bent over from heavy rains and blowing winds. They may not stand back up before their time is over.

I got zero growth on the Japanese Maple in this bed and all the others this year. They never recovered from the two late freezes this spring. Bummer.

Pink skies glide overhead of a falling world down below.

The time of vegetation is nearing the end.


Lola said...

I could never think the Cozy Cabin was leaning much less falling. It's made too good. Sorry that the little maple hasn't met your expectations. Maybe in time.

Erin S. Bailey said...

Don't you like the cover of snow and the freedom to plan that winter brings? I do not really look forward to it, but there is a physical rest and a mental leap forward that speaks well for the next year's gardening adventures.

Love the mums!