Monday, October 29, 2012

Will The Parsnips Be Sweeter

I woke up to a light dusting and ongoing flurries.

It flurried all day.

It kept growing stronger as the day wore on.

The diagnosis says 4 to 8 inches, up to a foot of snow at the highest elevations. I'm not the highest elevation. Will that be enough of a blanket to protect my cauliflower?  I keep hoping there is some remote chance they might cauli-flower this late in the game. I haven't seen buds yet though. Chances are slim. Could it be they survive the winter and cauli-flower in the spring? That would work too.

Before winter arrived I did go out and harvest a bunch of lettuce, chard, and kale. I dug a big box of potatoes and covered the rest of the row with a bit more wood chip mulch. I know the potatoes will keep just fine buried in the ground as long as they don't freeze.

The parsnips are the most important thing left in the road side vegetable garden. I think my best crop of parsnips ever is hiding under there. I've looked. They have nice fat necks. Garden wisdom says they need a couple of frosts to attain the best sweetness so I have deliberately left them there to chilled. I already know they will survive the winter in the ground just fine and I can harvest them anytime as long as the ground's not froze solid. I am looking forward to my parsnips.

The blizzard winds are upon us and the snow is falling fast.

My parsnips should be getting sweeter.


Lola said...

I do hope your parsnips will be sweeter. I've never had any. It's good to know that you will have "taters" later on. The white stuff does look pretty.
Why is the fence between you & the old chimney? I thought it was on your part.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the chimney is on our land. Those are just old posts from a long ago fence that ran along the road. I walked next door to mom's on the road cause it was half plowed.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have never eaten parsnips. You make them sound yummy. These pictures sure look wintery. Brrrrr

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa parsnips are yummy. They are a white carrot like root that is a bit starchy like a potato, a bit sweet like a winter squash or sweet potato and a smooth firm texture that isn't quite as mushy as a cooked carrot. Unique.

Barry said...

Alohowdy, Chris,
Having one foot in Oregon and one in Maui is crazy [more now in Oregon, almost all pau in Maui], but I just wish I had been here earlier to set up a parsnips patch. As it stands here, only the dandelions will be snow-chilled. I think parsnips merit a spot in gardens with real seasons. Next year I'll have some!

Dianne said...

No snow over here. That is ok with me. We are forecast for some during the day - Tuesday. I am hoping my luck holds out. Too early for snow.

Siria said...

Beautiful pictures. Hoping your power holds out. Parsnips are yummy! I like them roasted.