Friday, October 26, 2012

The Russet Tones

The abundant russet tones are a clear sign that the end of autumn is near. The rusty colors of the oaks, the last to go, now dominate.

The organization of fallen leaves has begun in earnest. There will be several weeks of organizing leaves ahead.

Fall will finish as the first real frost heads this way. There is even a chance for a touch of snow. But this is 30's cold not 20's cold so autumn won't come to a crushing end.

I will be organizing leaves and putting the beds down for winter

As the last of the leaves fall from the forest trees.

A new season rushes towards us.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The party is about over.

Lola said...

Yes, as a new season comes toward us our souls & lives are awakened with a renewed eagerness for it to begin. As it unfolds it will teach us something new, just to be added to our knowledge from the past.

sallysmom said...

The colors are gorgeous! Love all the colors of the leaves.

Les said...

Will you be organizing them into piles based upon species?