Monday, October 15, 2012

October Is Blustery Blue Aster Bloom Day

It is three October 15ths in a row when the wind has been blowing strong and the asters have been blue for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

I can now reliably expect to have blue asters in mid October. I never would be able to, much less want to try to weed them all out of here.

The trees do things in October too.

And I will always have mums for October's Bloom Day thanks to Fairegarden, TN.

The Mexican Hat, Ratibida columnifera has been blooming non-stop all season. I need to remember to gather seed for flinging further afield..

We have a pink mums too.

Blue asters while the trees do things.

I think we are peaking.

This is definitely the week to be leaf peeping in the mountains of North Carolina. We are still blooming and now peaking.


Lola said...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Must find Sheffies some time. Beautiful mum. Happy GBBD.

Rebecca said...

My heart wants to travel south to your reality resists and holds me in northeast Indiana where the blustery winds have blown at least 2/3 of the color off the trees along with a bumper crop of walnuts!

What remains is another kind of beauty. Color silhouettes against alternating skies of blue and grey.

Anonymous said...

I missed several posts, and reviewing them all at once is absolutely stunning. Astounded that this is your life, indeed. Congratulations.


Unknown said...

Your garden becoming is really beautiful this fall- the bloom and texture with fall color on the trees creates a magical place. thank you for sharing these pics.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Ok, I am getting some Sheffield mums, somewhere, to add to my garden.

Lola said...

I agree with Janet. They are so pretty. Just hope they will live here.