Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eaglenest Ridge

The low end. It rises much higher but I have to be across town to see it.

High on the low spot we are approaching the remnants of autumn. The barren time is near.

The last to turn, the baby Kousa Dogwood is one of the few reds this year. It was red last year.

Autumn was different this year, more yellow, more russet. The colors were less vibrant. The weathers however have been the epitome of Indian Summer and quite spectacular.


Lola said...

Fall is a glorious time in the mtns. About too much beauty for the eyes to take in. Seasons of either dry or wet sure makes for the beauty that abounds.

Layanee said...

It has been a more golden fall here as well. I mentioned just last evening that it looks like November with stark branching showing up everywhere.