Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Sheffie Mums Are Here

Last night's deluge gave way to a beautiful warm sunny day that I was not expecting. A rainy morning interrupted the scheduled activity for the day. Then an early morning call about a babbling brook emergency that was not sent me to town anyway. The babbling brook was just fine. Once there I managed to get a few things done at three different places.

I came home to a tall flower meadow attempting to stand back up after three and a quarter inches of rain and plenty wind. The Sheffie Mums, much closer to the ground were unfazed. What could be better than a hardy perennial flower that only begins to bloom the first of October?

Even the Frost Asters, Symphyotrichum pilosum, the most woody stemmed and rigid of the asters had a bit of a lean after the deluge.

The Yellie Mum also begins to bloom at the beginning of October. This yellow progeny of the odd pink Sheffie Mum is a bit more lank than its parent. It flops. I ignore it and let it do its thing.

The time of vegetation is winding down and thoughts of tidying and straightening things up holds little appeal. It is what it is at this time of year. Soon enough it will all be a frozen brown.

Now is a fine time to relax and enjoy.


Lola said...

It all looks good even after the deluge. Love that clear blue sky in the last pic. Now is the time to relax & enjoy.

Fairegarden said...

I love those yellies and even that they flop. The sheffies flop here too, although they might not if cut down in May, but I don't care if they flop. Like you, I know that it is all going to tumble down anyway. October is grand!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola tidying is out. Transplanting is in.

Frances my Sheffie Mums go from a near flat ground cover to about a foot tall in bloom. I should move some Yellie Mums to a sunnier spot and see if they stay shorter. Now they are about 2 feet long as opposed to tall.