Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last Call

Before the snow falls.

There are blooms to the frigid end high on the low spot. A Sheffie Mum was accidentally moved by a backhoe with a big rock. I think a number of things get accidentally moved around here.

Bulbs can surprise you. There were two Saffron Crocus blooming this morning. I was only reminded I had planted some last week and of course had no idea where I planted them. Well some ended up by the front steps.

A Meidiland Rose has put out a final flush of bloom in a near leafless winter condition.

The road side Sheffie Mums get pinker as they begin to fade away.

The Pink Muhly Grass and verbena may be about to get crushed with wet snow.

Those that got a late start have made it to the very end.

The Yellie Mum will always be blooming at the very end. It very well could be entirely unfazed by a 30 degree snow.

The ocean of blue asters is already a faded memory. Very few remain to see in the first snowfall.

Winter rolls in on a wet afternoon fog.

It's last call.


Lola said...

Beautiful blooms right till the end. It sure seems early for the white stuff.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Batten down the hatches.

Siria said...

Stay warm!!! Hoping the winds don't howl up there!