Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Frozen Spikes

There was not a single solitary flake of snow on the ground a mere eight miles from home. None. Zilch. It was like I had descended from a wholly separate realm.

All of the new Yucca filamentosa planted on the slope below the cozy cabin were completely buried. Not a single frozen spike was to be seen. Those up top along the drive were poking through because the howling winds had blown the snow into drifts across the drive. Talk about winter interest. These yuccas are not perennials that turn to mush and die to the ground in the winter. They are evergreen.

If I am going to live up in this high realm, I most assuredly need things that can poke up through the snow.


Lola said...

Yeah, you definitely need things that will poke up thru that white stuff. The ones below the Cozy Cabin will be ok.

vbdb said...

Bet the view from your mom's porch is also beautiful with that blanket of snow. Wouldn't want to drive the rattlesnake when it's icy, though.

sallysmom said...


lh said...

I’m hoping Miss Collar finally came inside, somewhere.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the new ones will reappear in another day or two.

Vicki the view from mom's deck was fab no doubt. I don't get over there til it's pretty dark these days.

Sallysmom the first snow was nice. Saw some great fall color with a snow back ground, but did not stop for a picture.

Lois, Miss Collar is safely home and returning to her normal routine after her spaz attack.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

And a mere two hours south, not even a freeze nor a frost yet.

Andrew Stalham said...

Apologies if this comment is inappropriate.

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