Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Declaration Of Autumn

Senescence is in full swing. Autumn has reached the north face of Hebo mountain.

It is still a good week to ten days before the peak of leaf peeping season in these mountains. Much remains green. My little spot gets an earlier start because of the north facing direction.

Uncle Ernie is ready for the rubberneckers. He got a new do for the fall.

The roadside vegetable garden is looking rather forlorn, but there is still food to be had. Peppers need picking. Potatoes can be dug. Lettuce, chard, mache and kale are giving us salads. There will be plenty of parsnips after a couple of frosts make them sweet. There is cauliflower that is looking nice, but I don't think they will bloom in time to beat the clock.

The tall grasses will take me all through the fall and continue to stand through the winter, depending. Depending on the quality and quantity of snowfall.

The dogwoods are deep red below a maple that's turning. A Witch Hazel stays green. It will actually be blooming in another month after the forest is near completely bare.

This is autumn high on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top.

And to make things complete, a thick fog has rolled in while the temperature has dwindled. The declaration is in.


Wondering Woman said...

Uncle Ernie looks mighty spiffy, good stylist!

Lola said...

This season is winding down, going to sleep, but another world awakens. One that will bring much pleasure. Uncle Ernie is all decked out to watch over all. He looks quite the dapper person.
Love the possibility of the grasses giving so much pleasure during the cold.
I see the veggie garden still produces quite a lot of goodies for you & mom to enjoy.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

An absolutely gorgeous time in your little corner of the world.