Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Did She See

I was taking divisions from the early yellow mum for transplanting when I saw a rustling out along the scenic byway near the Sheffie Mums.

There she was camera in hand. I called out "hello there" and got a meek hello in return. She ducked behind the tall grasses. I went back to my transplanting.

Such is life as a roadside attraction. A lot of people drive slow, some people stop to get closer and peer in.

None of them get to see everything I see.

I can look in, out and beyond.

I can dive in to an ocean of blue asters.

And sink to the forest floor near some fall blooming crocus.

What did she see when she peered in? Was it a dream that had solidified into real life?

I walked with three kitties today through a dreamscape, astounded that this is my life.


Lola said...

I think she saw the beauty that is there. Maybe she had dreams that this was a majestic place that she couldn't believe her eyes.
So glad the kitties are walking with you.
How's your mom?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

She saw an oasis. A peaceful, beautiful place calling to her to stop and enjoy.