Monday, October 8, 2012

Fog Off Fog On

I need a knife. It's thick out there. It has been more thick than thin. There has been very little thin.

For the last two days I have been encased in a cold, wet and ever drizzling cloud.

It's thick out there.

Thick wet fog and the highs have been around 43 degrees. I have my long underwear on.

There is a suggestion of sun for tomorrow. That would be nice.


Jim/ said...

Aren't you afraid being way out in the woods, so remote with this spooky fog? Looks like a setting for a slasher film. Thanks. though, for the underwear update.

Outlying areas around here will get their first frost tonight, so we may see some fog tomorrow too. Though probably not your London-like fog you've got.

Christopher C. NC said...

There was an unexpected knock on the door before dinner last night. No one ever knocks on our door. It was the deer hunter. He was looking a bit rougher than usual.

We had a long talk because things have changed around here. People have died and the hunting grounds have changed hands in families and changed uses and users. He couldn't do things the same way he had been for the last 20 years anymore. I gave him permission to park his truck at my place so a certain someone else wouldn't be messin' with his truck when it is parked along the side of the road. He spends the whole day deep in the forest.

The consensus is it is going to be a hard winter and there is going to be trouble with the bear hunters when they run into these changes. Bear hunters are a cranky lot when their cultural heritage is infringed upon. The hounds are sweet though.

My job is to be neighborly with all parties and pray we don't get caught in the cross fire. I have one armed friend now. No, make that two. I suppose you could also include the one armed cow farmer and his kin down the road as friends for 2 and a half.

The fog is extra thick right now.

Lola said...

It is rather thick. I remember how it got. So thick one could hardly drive.
Yes, the locals don't take kindly to anyone else. They don't like their way of life to be changed. I found it best to just be like them. Get out there & mingle with them. I started the neighborhood crime watch program there after we were broke in to. I was alone there most of the time so I think I was accepted.
I would hope that after all this time you would be one of them without question.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola we don't mingle. That hasn't stopped them from talking. The last several folks I have chatted with have all asked about my father dying without me mentioning it. They heard it else where, "you know them folks up top on Betsys Gap......"

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can just imagine how they talked when a bus load of people came to your house. ha... The fog does look spooky. Reminds me of the smokey mountains.

Lola said...

Mingling was in church [which was on the property], at work & them stopping by occasionally. I know the talk goes on. Seems they knew more than