Monday, August 26, 2013

A Hint Of Blue

I do have some blue in the tall flower meadow. I have three patches of this blue, the very hard to photograph Clematis stans, in the lower right in this picture. It is much more dramatic and showy in person. It has the ability to set seed and spread and I would be fine with that. It just isn't showing any wantonness. I have found one seedling so far, but in the tall flower meadow it could take years before a seedling reached blooming size and was truly found.

Eurybia divaricata, the White Wood Aster is now joining the late show. It is the first of lord I have no idea how many asters there are up here to bloom.

Joe Pye does its thing to the delight of many. The insect diversity to be found on Joe Pye is a show in itself.

The tall flower meadow is getting there. This is actually the first year the notion in my head has begun to show up. The biggest factor in achieving this has been the removal of the unwanted. Absent the competition, the wanted fill in.

Underneath it all is the structure of a growing garden that will take me through the winters.

I just need more blue. And some more grasses. And some purple would be nice. And.......

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