Saturday, August 17, 2013

Truth In Gardening

Oh I can make the camera give the impression of an over flowing bonanza of a flower filled meadow by zooming in. It is partly true, in places, at certain times of the year. There really is a lot of stuff blooming here.

It is also true that there are great expanses of unbroken green in many places at certain times of the year. That can change as the season progresses. The camera does have trouble picking up the entire floral element the eye can see in the bigger picture in this ocean of green. Some times in pictures it looks more green than it really is.

The truth is I embellish the abundance to best effect. But there are days when the garden just feels green.

Against such a back drop the portal got its first coat of paint.

I painted it the same Molera Vaquero Red as parts of the cozy cabin. It's better. It stands out a tiny bit more, but it is only a slight improvement over the rusted grey metal that it was before. It still looks like rust. I need a brighter, bolder color. The portal needs to be embellished to best effect.

The edited tall flower meadow that still dominates most of the garden becoming is primarily composed of late summer to fall bloomers. Asters and Goldenrod are the main players. In the shadier parts, Ageratina and Blue Wood Aster are taking hold. It is green all summer long after the early spring bloomers are finished.

This long wait to the end is why the adding part of editing comes in. As a gardener I don't want to have to wait until the fall for the first significant wave of bloom. The tall flower meadow needs more late spring and early summer bloom added to the mix.

In those places where more has been added, the results are showing up in the camera's big picture even in all that green. I'll keep at it. The earlier color has already started to roll down hill via me and via self sowing.

The good part is a huge chunk of all that green is now preparing to bloom. Waves of color will wash across the tall flower meadow as the season comes to an end.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Green is a color too. It is unusual that a gardener can get that wash of color all the time. It is good to have something blooming all the time though.

Sallysmom said...

Maybe you could put something behind the portal to make it stand out more??