Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In The Tall Flower Meadow

Will there be a respite from the rains? I feel like I am molding. Every day, day after day, clouds and mist and sodden down pours. I am so tired of rain. The diagnosis for the weekend and the beginning of next week is hinting at sunny rainless days. Please! Let there be dry.

It was pretty when the sun peaked out momentarily after yesterday's soaking. Clear drops of water sparkled in the tall flower meadow that is gaining more color every day. It is a wonder with the number of high volume soakings we have endured that it hasn't all been smashed to the ground.

I wait patiently for the next peak of bloom. Joe Pye and Boneset are both long lived bloomers and should still be looking good when the goldenrods, asters and ironweed kick in.

The rudbeckia are still in full bloom. This little patch is one I didn't plant. They just appeared. I like a flower like that.

Which is one of the reasons I like the Boneset. All I did was notice it one year in the tall flower meadow when it was still mostly a tangle and left it alone. It has rewarded me by seeding itself quite freely and over a good distance.

Joe Pye is doing the same. So much so that Joe Pye is now a candidate for removal when it shows up where its not wanted.

A client's garden is going to be my seed factory this year. Last year I did a chop and drop and got an excellent crop of volunteers to add to the original planting. The garden is full now. This year I will be bringing all the dead heading home. I dead head for clients if they insist. You just won't catch me doing that in the tall flower meadow.

The tall flower meadow could use some more echinacea and verbena on a stick. A major seed dump will speed things up.


Dianne said...

I too, am so very tired or rain. I don't even look at the forecast anymore. It is rain, rain and more rain. We are already 6.4 inches above our ANNUAL average. Enough complaining. On a positive note, I have not had to water anything this year! Grass is growing great. Cows are fat. They won't be if we can't get the rest of the hay in before winter!

Lola said...

Rain here too. Mildew on my magnolia. That hasn't happened before. Of course you know we are in hurricane season.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We are having the opposite weather. No rain. Dry as a bone. Less than a 1/4" this month and not much better last month. We got all of our rain in June, 11 1/4". We could use some of that now.