Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Color

Red is not my favorite color. I don't gravitate towards red flowered or red leaved plants. It still slips in somehow. The red hibiscus in the roadside chicory bed is now in bloom.

Grey, more grey was added to the service entrance stairs. It has been a long while since I did any painting. It has been a long while since there has been a day of sunshine without any rain. Best to strike while the drought is on. This is tedious kind painting with all these pickets, but it needs to be done. I hope the momentum that began today will continue.

I have also been contemplating the lintel for the tree trunk posts. What should it be? What kind of detail should it have? Hmm, maybe I want the right post taller than the left so the lintel points up at an angle? I think I do want to do that. It's on the winter project list. I can contemplate it some more.

I have been living in the cozy cabin for two years now and still have a list of projects to finish up. The basement patio has been long neglected. I hope to finish off the tops of the two short dry stack retaining walls and at least get a gravel base in for a future stone floor this winter. I got so much more done around here during my tragic period of unfortunate under-employment. Those were the days.

It won't all be about color. Some calm green oasis in the chaos will be needed to the rest the eye and mind. At least I am not planning any color for this.

I am planning for more color in the tall flower meadow. I gravitate towards the blues and purples. Nature has been quite generous with the whites and yellows. That is the preferred color palette and color scheme I want to tilt the garden towards.

More color also means having more color from the first hint of spring to the final frosts of fall. I will be tinkering for some time over many seasons to come.

Right now more color is appearing everyday. The ironweed is kicking in and the Great Blue Lobelias should be blooming soon. The first white asters have begun.

I do a little weeding. Mostly I am in an observation mode. It gives me time to paint

Some sunsets fill the entire sky with colors. Others just color the horizon. It is never the same from day to day. Gardens are much the same.


Swimray said...

Don't forget the red in the sunsets.

Rebecca said...

...the "observation mode" is one of my favorites.

I am in agreement with you about the reds. Certainly in YOUR beautiful environment, nature knows best.