Monday, August 5, 2013

Random In The Wild Cultivated Gardens

The summer wild flowers are still blooming strong. I'm kind of drooling over all the seed that is going to be released and follow behind me in the editing process.

Some wild flowers will have to be relocated after their seed is collected.

Deep in the forest an odd relative of the rhododendron, Monotropa uniflora, Indian Pipes is in bloom. It is a ghost of a flower.

The invisible art piece still amuses me. I've seen it do dew. It will be fun to see what it does with snow and ice and sleet and frost.

The tall flower meadow is getting ready to turn. The main components right now are late summer to fall bloomers like Goldenrod, Snake root, Blue Wood Aster, bunches of white aster, Joe Pye and Ironweed. Waves of yellow, white and blue will sweep across the meadow and take me into fall.

I'll keep adding and subtracting. There's no reason not to have more mid summer bloom.


Lola said...

Mid summer bloom would be good to lift the spirits just as Spring or Fall. Blooms anytime would be an advantages eye candy for me.

Garden Broad said...

Diggin' those indian pipes, we have them in Wisconsin, too. Your random sure is pretty!