Tuesday, May 3, 2016

If I Could Stay Home

Oh, what a garden I would have. It would be even tidier and sad to say much bigger no doubt. But six days a week now, I head up the drive and go away.

I will be having  a good lily year baring any unfortunate circumstances. All the new bulbs are up. The old ones have returned. Even a few discards from another garden are up and multiplied.

My new dwarf spruce are sending out their silvery blue new growth. That is a good sign that they are happy and settling in.

The tiny little camassia all came up and are blooming. I hope they multiply and return for years to come.

The relocated native Aralia racemosa, Spikenard, are back for a second spring. These are the American cousins of the Aralia cordata 'Sun King'. They have the same big bold foliage, but in green.

My Lawn. My Lawn. Yes, there is grass in my lawn somewhere.

I do believe it is time for the first whacking. I have guests coming in two weeks. They will need to know where to walk.

The Showy Orchis is looking fine.

The time of vegetation is here.

I'm thinking the native Dwarf Crested Iris are going to have an off year. They are not showing much inclination towards a super bloom.

The free range columbine are starting to bloom.

Someone has Dogwoods in their view.

And a garden full of Bluebells.

Just like last year some damn bug bored inside one of the unopened Yellow Lady Slipper stems and ate the baby flower bud. We will again have just the two blooms. Damn bug!

The rhododendrons are a bit early this year by a good ten days. A cool spell is coming so that will help them last. Most have yet to open, so the main show is still a week away.

The bloom times of the deciduous azaleas are all over the spring map.

It has begun.

The first whacking, a defining element of order in the chaos is underway.


Lisa Greenbow said...

So much fun to come.

Lola said...

I wish that for you. It all looks good even working like you do.

Christopher C. NC said...

Non-stop blooms until September Lisa.

Lola it will be ten years before I can stay at home more. I manage to get a day and a half of chores done here between weekends and extended daylight hours.

Dana Foerster said...

Beautiful blooms. In pic 13 did you and Bulbarella plant the Blue bells or are they natural? Your Showy Orchis gives me hope that mine will increase in time.

Christopher C. NC said...

Dana, Bulbarella planted the Bluebells and then spent many years gathering and sowing the seeds. They are so thick now, they are a bit of a pest and are listed as an invasive species.