Friday, May 13, 2016

Out There In The Lush

What a difference a month makes. It is hard to believe there is such a thing as the barren time. Every day is now a botanical treasure hunt.

The Cinnamon Fern, Osmundastrum cinnamomeum, that I relocated are unfurling. There are quite a few more on the slope below the scenic byway. That should mean they will make more on their own.

The False Solomon's Seal, Maianthemum racemosum, is coming into bloom. I love this native plant for the foliage, showy flowers and red berries if the deer don't eat them. My seed flinging has resulted in new patches showing up.

It really is that dark. Now that it is back to full size and vigor, it needs to multiply.

The Showy Orchis has had a several weeks long bloom period. I expect it to be winding down shortly. I know it can make babies. I have seen many places where this orchid is abundant.

The starter patch of Phacelia purshii in my garden came as a hitch hiker. If it had not shown up on its own I would have collected seed and innoculated the garden.

This wild flower is a winter annual. It germinates in late January to February, blooms in May and then disappears leaving behind copious amounts of seed. It will spread quickly. In a few years the entire garden could turn blue in late spring.

I'm good with that.


Lisa Greenbow said...

It is looking beautifully lush...

Lola said...

Oh to see all that blue.

Christopher C. NC said...

Very Lush Lisa.

Lola I can go next door to see a mountain covered in blue until the phacelia spreads in my garden.