Friday, May 20, 2016

On A Rainy Day

Tossed as rubbish, a Caesar's Brother iris lives on.

Very well I might add. It can stay where it is and be used for gifting. Tossed daylilies lived on there too.

Another Objet de wandered down to the basement patio while I was contemplating the construction of the new bottle tree.

It still has some dirt to shed, but already the Medusa Root is showing through.

I sat for a spell while it rained. The wind was a bit chilly. I moved on.

I am most pleased with the robust new growth on my Stewartia pseudocamellia. It even has flower buds and will bloom in another month. I think it likes it here.

The big foliage of Rodgersia makes a statement in the Lush. I need big foliage. I need robust. I need plants that like cool and wet and partial sun.

The unknown with an orchid like appearance that followed me home has an emerging bloom spike. I will be able to identify it soon. This could be orchid species number seven in the wild cultivated gardens.

I startled a Ruffed Grouse in my stroll. It flew off in a thunder. A shorter moving burst caught the corner of my eye. I looked where it landed. A Ruffed Grouse chick was hiding and quiet. I moved on to let mama and chick reunite. I imagine there were more I couldn't see.

The roadside rose is shedding a pink carpet of petals. It is mainly a one shot spring bloomer. I do need to transplant some of the suckers. More would be nice. It's upright shrub form makes it a low maintenance rose that doesn't require pruning beyond removing dead branches. That is a good thing for a thorn bush.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Oh be still my heart. How wonderful to have Ruffed Grouse on your property. They are almost extirpated from Indiana. I have only seen them once here and it was the burst of action that I mostly saw. ha... scared the waddin out of me. Then I realized what it was. You must hear the male drumming early spring. What a treat.

Christopher C. NC said...

Can't say I have heard the male drumming. Flushing grouse is a common occurrence though. They blend in well and sit still until you get close, then boom. They're off in a flash.

Lola said...

Love those Ruffled Grouse. Saw one on the trail once.