Thursday, May 19, 2016

I'll Take It Then

Those warm sunny afternoons with a sweet breeze after a day in the garden when I sit for a spell on the front porch and watch the traffic and rubberneckers pass by.

A garden with a mind of its own where the best I can do is steer it away from obnoxious choices.

Speckled Wood Lily, Clintonia umbellulata, brought in to the garden from deep in the forest.

A closeup of a hosta that followed me home for CC for a possible ID.

Wild orchids of many kinds that actually bloom.

A horribly ugly, over pruned pine offered up as a bottle tree. No? Cut it down then? Now it is mine. I'm thinking a bundled rebar trunk bent at the bottom to form legs. The top may be bent to form a small basket to hold the branches with one or two of the rebar left straight and inserted into a hole drilled in the wood.

How tall should it be? I guess that will be determined by what lengths rebar is sold in. Now I need a few more bottles. Art project.


Lisa Greenbow said...

That bright green tree/shrub looks good. It is always fun to have a good art project going in the garden. Have fun this weekend.

Sallysmom said...

Love that orchid.

C. C. said...

Thanks for the closeup of the hosta. It must be Frances Williams. I have several but they're nowhere near as contrasting!

Lola said...

It looks good. I use 2 tom cages upside down to make my bottle trees.