Thursday, May 5, 2016

Round and About

At the koi pond, one little sprig of Lorelei iris turns into a fat blooming clump in two seasons.

Baptisia without competition are ginormous. In the Tall Flower Meadow where elbow room is fought over, mine are still a couple of stems after many years. Some may have even given up.

My weeds bloom.

Those that don't are subject to removal.

Erigeron annuus, Fleabane, is a wandering, self sowing annual and one of the first aster family members to bloom. It comes in pink and white.

Will it be a bottle tree? It was a horribly ugly, slowly dying, overly pruned pine tree with a flat top. I couldn't bear looking at it for another year. I left a message in a bottle. If there is no heart attack or divorce and maybe after a few glasses of wine, it could become a bottle tree.

Pine trees like trilliums should be left undisturbed.

They look their best that way.

The Lady is in the house. She is not fully clothed and the weather has turned frightful. There is snow falling above us around 4500 feet and up. Here it is 39 and raining. Let's just hope it sticks to that program.


Lisa Greenbow said...

You have the most beautiful collection of wildflowers. I love those lady slippers. So rare.
I think that stump would make a fantastic bottle tree. Maybe it could be painted too. I sort of like those painted tree stumps.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I thought of painting the stump and thinning another third of the stems to try and shape it more. I need to see if they will go for it first. Better to start with more branches than less. If the chain saw comes out, it won't matter.

Lola said...

Looks good. All my Lorlie have gone on but one which I will try in a pot. Some things here do better.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola we have been digging up the Lorelei iris in the same place for six years and giving it away trying to remove from that spot. It keeps coming back.

Lola said...

Please send me more.