Monday, May 23, 2016

Pooped Out

Shoveling three piles of dung yesterday wore me out. I was moving slow when I came back home this afternoon. Slow through the garden is just fine.

The Kousa Dogwood still has a strong hint of green in the flowers. They are not fully open.

Finally. There is luteum in my trilliums.

Lots of luteum in the iris.

I could have waited. The last two weeks have been quite cool. The roadside vegetable garden is just sitting there waiting for warm.

An orange iris.

Welcome to the ridge top garden.

Things are blooming.

Miss Dinah joins us for an evening stroll.


And company.

The rhododendron show is the ridge top gardens finest hour.

Nothing else compares.

Phacelia every where you turn.

The big one.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Those huge rhodies give me a bad case of the wants. I have never been able to grow them.

Lola said...

Shoveling will wear a person out. I love it. It looks so pretty.

C. C. said...

I'd want to plant a comfy chair there and sit and stare all day. Awesome.