Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Roadside Rose

A milder winter and no late hard freezes has many plants looking and blooming their best. It has been a few years since this rose has put on this much of showing.

It's a shrub rose. It's pink. It suckers a bit to form clones. It has to be very road salt tolerant. The grass on the other side of the fence sure isn't. It will be July before that turns green. I have no idea who this rose is. Maybe one of my rose friends will know.

The roadside planting of grasses on the other side of my driveway is coming along. I lost control of this bed a couple years ago. Now I just edit and pretty much go with the flow.

I was up by the roadside in the vegetable garden this evening doing another seed sowing of the things that did not come up; chard, carrots and beets. I sowed more lettuce while I was at it.

The newly planted tomatoes and peppers looked good. The eggplant was looking a bit forlorn like maybe it resented the low of 36 on Sunday morning. The purple strobilanthes in the pot on my front porch keeled over like it was wilted that morning. It picked itself back up by the end of the day.

On our last average frost day of May 15th we had a low of 36. That is only four degrees better than freezing. The warm season crops are only a few more degrees fonder of that kind of low, which isn't very fond of it at all. I hope they are not stunted.

Now I need to get busy on sowing my squash and melons. I do that in flats of 4 inch pots to avoid the seed chewing varmints.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Pretty rose. Your veg garden looks good too. Mine is languishing due to the cold weather. We are having March weather in May. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Lola said...

The rose looks good. Mine has finished, the 1st round anyway. Your garden looks great.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I hope that was the last of our cold. I planted my okra seeds last week.

Lola that rose is looking fine. I'm thinking I need to dig some of the suckers and spread it around.

Rebecca said...

Oh! Be still my ♥. Those roadside roses!

Lola said...

Wish you had the rose I have here. It roots wherever it touches the ground. Supposed to be and old rose.