Thursday, May 12, 2016

Then There Were Two

The unknown with the orchid like appearance that came from I don't remember where is now two. That was a surprise to see this morning. I do recall it had no root system to speak of and had more of a bulb looking bottom. The bottom part was so small I was concerned if it would even take.

Apparently it took. Now it is spreading. I like that. I wonder what it is.

I remember where this trillium came from. On its third spring in the garden it is now bigger than when I relocated it. I have found moving trilliums sets them back for a year or two.

This is Trillium vaseyi. The deep red flower hides under the leaves.

I haven't found the right light quality to take a decent picture of the flower yet. That deep, near black red is hard to accurately capture while it hides in the shade underneath.

This has been another surprise. Three of the six remaining Hesperaloe parviflora are going to bloom. I started with eight. The varmints ate two. The center leaves rotted out of the other three. Those plants still seem firm and no more leaves have rotted out. Maybe the will grow back out or sucker from the bottom. They are a multi-crowned clumping perennial as they mature.

But, blooming at this small size can also indicate stress. This is an ongoing experiment. Next spring we'll see how many are left alive and preferably robust and happy. Good luck little Hesperaloe. I promise to weed around you.

I bought a sack of colored gravel when I was at the fish store the other day. They had red. I chose blue.

I've been to the fish store quite a few times this spring. Twin Falls Pond and The Babbling Brook needed more fish. There were a few losses with each batch. I kept adding fish. At 29 cents each, it's manageable.

If they make it past two weeks they are pretty much keepers. I want my ponds busy with fish. And in one year a 29 cent fish can get quite big. I tossed in a couple of 10 dollar fish too.

Pull up a chair to the edge. Still still. Be calm. Be quiet. Listen to Twin Falls flow. Pretty fish in multi-colors will rise and swim about. Any sudden movements and they head for the caves in the rocks.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sort of surprised that you don't have a pond out on the mountain.
I like your blue rocks. That can stand for your pond.

Carol McKenzie said...

You have pictures in a book (well, of course you know that)...The Perennial Matchmaker. I thought the fence in one photo looked somehow familiar, and sure enough, your name is in the credits. (But then again, you know that, too.)

Lola said...

Love those blue rock.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa ponds are best enjoyed in other people's gardens. I don't need another one to take care of.

Yes Carol I have pictures in a book. That is kind of cool and I made a little spending money.

Lola I think the blue gravel was a nice addition.

LostRoses said...

Don't raccoons eat your fish? They are such a nuisance here!. Any fish I put in my small pond became raccoon hors d'euvres in short order!