Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Changing Sky

At the end of a long sunny day the sky turned dark. A thunderstorm and rain was on the horizon.

That was just fine with me. I had divided and transplanted some Miscanthus in my front bed this morning and a little rain would do it some good, even though the soil was plenty moist.

And the front porch roof was finally done. Sorta. The ridgecaps and flashing were on, but I was short four screws. Typical. The glue had held perfectly. Let it rain on my porch roof.

But the thunderstorm missed and the sun came out.

The monsoon is easing a bit.


Ben said...

Ah I love those evening thunderstorms that always pop up after a hot humid day.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

What beautiful sky pictures ! I am a sky/cloud watcher .. it never ceases to amaze me : )
VERY cute little cottage too !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Darn, sounds like you need to get out there and water in that miscanthus. The sun is trying to break through those clouds. The sun will win eventually.

Anonymous said...

The cabin is shaping up nicely and I agree with previous commenters about your meticulous workmanship. Oh if it would rub off on my husband, whose work I call "functional but not pretty." (He loves that, of course.)
I was going to mention, I'm sure you already know, that Oenothera will also try to take over your garden in most thuggish fashion, unless the species you cite is different from the one that took over my garden. Fortunately, I left that garden; it is still there!


Pam said...

Storms in the mountains - reminds me of the skies back at my family home outside of Charlottesville. When I see your images - or those of the Blue Ridge Blog - it just makes me remember those skies.

The cabin looks great (meticulous indeed!) - the previous post was pretty interesting, and the solution looks like it'll be a good one. I bet the Spots are definitely enjoying the summer!