Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flame Azalea

The native Rhododendron calendulaceum is coming in to full bloom upon my arrival back to Monsoon World. Rain, rain and more rain continues. The main rhododendron show has finished. Now the native Kalmia latifolia and the native Rhododendron maximum will have their turn.

Hughes satellite internet is being particularly ornery about uploading photos and I have quite a few to share of the gardens in Chicago.

The Flame Azalea is filler during an intense green lull before the summer bloom kicks in and while Hughes begrudgingly allows photo uploads after several tries for each picture.

Up north I had high speed wireless on a lap top computer. Now it is back to the internet wilderness.


Anonymous said...

Yes, slow Internet can really try one's patience. Unique and beautiful colors on your Azalea blossoms.

Katie said...

Love the Azalea.

Slow internet after being with fast internet would drive me mad too.

lola said...

We have the fast net but it's still slow to my thinking.
Love that orange.

beckie said...

Ohhh, Ahhhh. Those natives are gorgeous. Bright spots during your dreary rain. :) I wish you luck with getting your Spring Fling pictures posted. Slow can be exasperating to say the least.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These azaleas are gorgeous and so BIG. I can understand your frustration with the slow uploads or failed uploads. It isn't that long ago that we had dial up. UGH

I have a sweet little white azalea that is buried in Ostrich ferns. I need to find a new place for it to grow. It must be a minature azalea because it has never grown very big. It was a purchase to use as Easter decoration some years ago. It hasn't grown much larger than it was at the time of purchase.

Frances said...

Oh Azalea envy emanating from over the mountain! What a color that one is too. No monsoons here, the ground is even beginning to crack in some places. Are you rejuvenated with ideas from Chicago to try out in your gardens? I am. Let the digging begin!

Brieannon said...

Stunning. One of my favorites.