Monday, June 29, 2009

A Wandering Look


At Lilies

Yarrow, Spirea and Lilies




Roadside vegetables looking good

The Show Stopper Eremurus

Taking on its namesake, Foxtail Lily

Miscanthus and Ox-Eye Daisy

Hollyhocks and friends

Closeup of the Foxtail

Frances do you recognise this Daylily?

The current view from my front porch

A wall gains footing

And grows

And grows

Despite the rain that now misses us.
The monsoon has ended.

And there is more opportunity to wander.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Your photographs are all lovely. Those foxtail lilies are something else! And your walls are really taking shape!

Lola said...

Great pics, Christopher. That fox tail sure looks like one.The wall is coming along nicely. All is looking good.

Frances said...

Looks like Pardon Me, I am pretty sure that was brought to your place on one of the visits. Your wall is looking good too, and I can see the difference from the first wall, but all are works or art. That slope it mighty steep, amazing it doesn't slide down in monsoons. Those Eremurus are the most beautiful creatures...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Looking out from your front porch I can see many things growing there. I can almost hear your mind working as to what it all will be. It looks like another big project to me. I know you are up for it.

The walls are looking good. Soon you will be able to plant around them too.

Your flowers look so cheerful and lush. Those rains were good for them. We are now into our second week of no rain. I wish there was a happy medium with the rain. Not to be. Not unexpected. I am wandering my garden with hose in hand most of the time now. Not as bad as it sounds. I have to go slow this way. A good time of year to go slow in the garden.

Gail said...

Christopher...There is talk all over the neighborhood about the red foxes that are playing in the yards...but I would love to have this beautiful Eremurus in my garden! They are show stoppers. Ox-Eye daisies are so delightful and underappreciated...gail

chuck b. said...

Your constant progress with the stone walls these last couple of years makes me feel like I've accomplished nothing in my life.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria and Lola my mail carrier has put in an order for seeds of the Foxtail Lily. She's always asking what's this and that. She is how I got that last load of wood chips delivered. Her son works for a tree trimmer.

Thanks Frances. I need to start taking notes. I have been surprised too at how stable the slope is considering all the rain. There is erosion, but it is minimal.

Lisa as soon as I started planting transplants from Fairegarden TN the rains stopped, so I have been out with hose and buckets too.

Gail I bet there are foxes up here, but I doubt we would ever actually be able to see them in this forest. I love the Ox-Eye Daisy too. They self sow prolifically.

Chuck the key in that sentiment is, "The Last Couple Of Years!!!" Oiy.