Monday, September 5, 2011

Haint Spruce Frost Blue

What else is there to do with hurricane remnants and Labor Day? It seems hurricanes and beadboard go hand in hand high in the mountains of North Carolina. It's only taken me close to two years to get around to finishing this process.

The first coat of Laura Ashley #1113 Spruce Frost has begun to be applied to the ceiling of the basement patio. I went to town today to find my version of haint blue. I wanted something much lighter than the blue of the loft and the idea of a greenish tint had been toying with my affections. I contemplated many swatches and finally made an executive decision, Spruce Frost it is. Eddie Bauer's, EB6-4, Sky Blue was the runner up. You know, I have no idea who either of these people are.

No, that is not two different colors. The light always plays tricks with the colors.

It has rained gently all day long. Not enough to make the creeks rise. The big rain has been stuck at the border for the last 24 hours. Eastern Tennessee must be under water by now.

It turns out Spruce Frost is an exact match to the to the glass sink in the bathroom. We have achieved flow. Flow is good. There was a difference of opinion about the glass sink. One eye saw green, another eye saw blue green. I wonder how the different eyes will see Spruce Frost? I see blue green, depending upon the light of course. I bet the other eye will see green, green. No matter. An executive decision was made.

I've been looking at the radar and satellite pictures all day to see when the big rain is gonna get here. Out of the corner of my eye I see this giant hurricane like blob in the Atlantic that keeps creeping further into the picture. It is possible this process could get finished before another two years elapse. Hurricanes and beadboard work well together.

As long as the winds not blowing, it stays pretty dry in the basement patio. It was a rain storm long ago that drove me under there and the idea of a basement patio was born.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This winter it will probably look more blue. This summer with all the greenery reflecting it looks green. What ever you call it it looks pretty. I am jealous of all the rain everyone seems to be getting over your way. Still dry as a bone here. UGH..

Siria said...

I love, love, love the Spruce Frost! Your patio is getting finished in time to sit and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather and foliage. I hope the heavy rains move north quickly and avoid the low spot on a North Carolina mountaintop. Steady soft rain without wind is OK, but now the winds and tornadoes I keep hearing about in the Georgia mountains.

Dianne said...

I think we just found the heavy rain. We just got about 1.75 in in the last hour on the Tennessee side of your mountain. It has stopped at the moment.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I think you may be right about the color shift with the seasons. It was the green of the forest that helped sway me to the greener side of haint blue. It was dry dry here to until now.

Siria I am liking the Spruce Frost too. I was tempted to get a small sample, then the executive took over. I had all my other relevant color swatches to put the choices on while I was contemplating my version of haint blue.

Dianne the big rain started here around 8pm. I think this thing is finally moving again. I hope it picks up some speed and moves right on out.

Lola said...

Love the color of the basement patio. It will be a nice place to sit for whatever reason. I use to sit on the porch when a soft rain was coming down.
We are getting that soft rain now. It will help the Fall planting. Some seeds are coming up already.
Sure hope you don't get too much of the wet stuff. For the most part I think it has been very dry for most of the summer.