Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Tomorrow's Blog Post

We will visit Christa's most enchanting garden. Tonight I am too tired to give it the energy it deserves.

While you wait and while I rest, I would love to use the collective gardening brain power of the interwebs. What is this grass? It is in a clump of iris and proving to be a perennial weed in zone 6. It has been mauled and abused in an attempt to remove it. Unmolested it might be bigger and taller. The bloom spikes should offer some clue.

What is this grass? I like what I am seeing and may need to have some if it checks out ok. Christa doesn't want it and is willing to let someone else try and extract it from the iris.


Lola said...

Beautiful walkway. Anxious to read tomorrow's blog post.
I haven't a clue as to the name of the grass, but it does have character. Do let us know it's name.

Les said...

The grass looks like Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Moudry'. If it is just turn your back, walk away and forget you ever saw it. Plant one and you will have a thousand.

sallysmom said...

I think Les is right. But it sure is pretty.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Les; I couldn't think of the name! yes very invasive. The nurseries done us wrong on that one and almost all Miscanthus.


Siria said...

Can't help you on the grass, but that garden is enchanting! Looking forward to your upcoming post.

Fairegarden said...

Les is right, it's that stinkin' 'Moudry'. You will never get rid of it and it seeds all over.