Saturday, September 3, 2011

Season Changes

Summer's perennials are setting seed. This patch of Shasta Daisies needs to be four times as big as it is now. I can do nothing and that will happen. Seeds will germinate. The patch will expand. One large chunk of ground gets covered.

The chicory in the front road side bed was all cut down. It was past its prime. The flowering stems were woody and the bloom was sparse. The pink Muhly and the Miscanthus 'Morning Light' are sending up bloom spikes. The Sheffie Mum is setting buds. The bed is readied for the next season's display.

The grasses will carry it through to spring. The season changes.

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Lola said...

The Shasta Daisy seed heads have a beauty of their own. The grasses look wonderful. I can't find the Sheffie Mums down here. They sure are pretty.