Saturday, September 24, 2011

It Has Begun

At some point in the last few days there was a click in the spinning orbs and it officially became autumn. I missed the exact day and moment. No matter. There are plenty of hints to indicate a new phase is beginning. The near monotone green of a summer forest is differentiating into multiple textures and colors.

They may get started while summer still holds sway, but there is a large contingent of flowers that truly belong to fall. Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum continues in full bloom while its near cousin and look alike, the White Snakeroot joins in.

The Goldenrods rule the color wheel at the start of Autumn. Any land that hasn't been mowed is filled with the vibrant yellow wands of solidago. As they fade the the blue asters will take over. The asters will end the time of vegetation in a color more appropriate to the long season of grey to come.

The ordinary zinnias are slow to get stared from seed. I expect they will continue until cut down by frost.

The pseudo zen lawn continues to fill in as I add more native sedges and interesting unknown grasses. Three liatris landed in there last week. When not buried in snow some green signs of life should remain. I seem to recall many of the sedges hold their green through the winter. Tattered maybe, but green.

Leaves shed chlorophyll and the colors of autumn gain strength.

And like clock work other signs of the season parked themselves on the deck next door. I heard barking and went over there to find two hound dogs done hunting. When they have had enough for one session they park and bark in one spot. So much the better if it looks like nice accommodations are a possibility.

I just love these collars with owners names and numbers inscribed in metal plates. It makes life easy.

The other hound Hank was camera shy. Loretta was ready for some lovin. I asked their owner when he arrived just a very short time later what they were trained to hunt. Bear he said. I have never seen one. I keep hearing they are up here.

The hounds are loose. It has begun.


Lola said...

The signs of time are becoming more evident as time marches on. Summer provides a beauty all it's own but the Fall has a more pronounced color palette. Most choose to ignore it but it's there for all the world to see & enjoy.

I can't seem to understand the necklaces those poor pooches are in need of wearing. For it's safety I'm sure. But they do seem cumbersome.
The filling is looking great.

Les said...

Loretta is beautiful, and I love here name, having a hound named Loretta of my own. She does seem a bit over accessorized.

Carol Michel said...

Those are fancy colors. Are those antennas on them? Oh, wait, forget the hound dogs, look at that fall color peaking through in those hills!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Suddenly I hear Elvis singing "You ain't nothin but a hound dog". Funny that they come visiting.

chuck b. said...

I had a terrible time with zinnia from seed.