Friday, June 1, 2012

At The Arboretum

The NC Arboretum was the last garden and the second to last stop on the first day of the Asheville Garden Bloggers Fling. That first day was a garden frenzy, six gardens and the BB Barnes garden center. Then my camera battery died and the spare was at the hotel. I hope someone took pictures at BB Barnes and posts them.

I tried to grow this Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia sp. It survived two winters in my wet spot before fading away in the Lush.

The Arboretum really has a very good plant collection that is displayed in a thoughtful and well designed manner. I might still have a sprig of the Nassella tenuissima out there in the Lush some where.

Two of my baby Yucca filamentosa are actually going to bloom this year and I have spied a place where I could get some of this corrugated culvert pipe if I should so desire. So far there is not much desire for that. It might be a bit too hip for my forest setting.

Always the bonsai at the NC Arboretum. Their collection is rather impressive as well as the display garden made just for the bonsai. I always come back from the Arboretum with a nice bonsai picture.

Now showing, Wicked Plants. The fat man is labeled High Fructose Corn Syrup. I bought the book and got it signed when Amy Stewart was there to speak the first week of May. Maybe this winter I will have time to read it.

Lately I have been passing out around 9:30 every other night as I get caught up with work kind work. I even picked up another new client. Just what I need. Word gets around in these small towns.


sallysmom said...

Yeah, I don't know which is better - being tired from doing nothing or being tired from working all day.

Lola said...

Bummer on the dead batteries. Hope the Yucca does great. Do take pics of it so we can see. Don't know about the corrugated pipe either.
Tiredness from work either work kinda work or casual work is a good thing I think. Sleep seems better from tiredness.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember all the posts lamenting being 'tragically underemployed'.......glad things have turned around!


Rebecca said...

Glad to hear that word is getting around" your "small" town. I'm not surprised.

I'm going to figure out how to propagate a Yucca. The empty property next to us has a HUGE one. Hoping to sneak a "start" if there's a way to do it w/o destroying what's there. (Is that wrong?)

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom it has been so long I don't remember what being tired from doing nothing feels like.

Lola I have no trouble sleeping that is for sure.

Bev I look back on my period of tragic underemployment with a great deal of fondness.

Rebecca you should be able to get a division off a clump of the yucca. I have heard from folks who tried to get rid of them and they always come back from the root. Mine however are the fancy colored ones from a nursery 'Bright Edge' or something like that with yellow red and white in the leaves, not the plain green.

chuck b. said...

High Fructose Corn Syrup--hilarious!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for your response re. the yucca. It's appreciated. (This one has white flowers, if I remember correctly.)

Siria said...

I too am glad your period of underemployment is over! I keep giving out your name ~ pretty soon you won't have time for measley me. :))

Skeeter said...

Get that corrugated pipe and use your Asheville Artsy self to camouflage it for your forest setting! Congrats on your new client…